Because efforts to curb the coronavirus pandemic are expected to significantly affect many kinds of tax collection, the Wake County Transit Planning Advisory Committee is recommending that most new Wake Transit improvements proposed for fiscal year 2021 be delayed until available revenues can be better assessed later this year.


Recommended FY21 Wake Transit Work Plan

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In January, the TPAC released the Draft FY0201 Wake Transit Work Plan for public review and comment Since then, the coronavirus pandemic has become our new reality. The business closures and stay-at-home orders, that started in March, have reduced how much people are out shopping. This will result in a loss of sales tax revenue; the main source of funding for Wake Transit programs and projects It is a fact that there will be less money coming into the program this year, but the actual numbers will not be known until later in the year. To ensure that we do not promise more than we may be able to afford, the TPAC is releasing a recommended work plan that places most new projects, initially expected to receive funding on July 1, in a new reserve category within the work plan. This means that those projects will be evaluated for funding and scheduling once we know the actual funding impacts ALL existing services and transit routes will continue to operate.

Recommended FY21 Wake Transit Work Plan 



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