Wake County (Sept. 13, 2021) – Wake Transit officials have launched the Wake Transit Performance Tracker, an online resource that makes information about overall program performance and specific details about individual transit investments easier to access.


“Since Wake Transit Plan implementation began, it has garnered significant community interest. Staff and partners are regularly asked, where can I view program information?” says Stephanie Plancich, administrator for the Transit Planning Advisory Committee. “Instead of referring them to several different planning and reporting documents, we created the tracker. It’s an informational resource that compiles data from completed, ongoing and planned transit investments and posts it in a single, online location.”


In addition to providing the status of transit projects funded through the Wake Transit Program, the tracker will help community members, stakeholders and government planners:


  • Access and share program impact and transit investment information.
  • Proactively plan and coordinate community engagement activities.
  • Coordinate construction and maintenance projects to maximize community benefit.
  • Better plan projects that will be supported by or benefit from proximity to transit.
  • Support grant applications and inform transportation and other study processes.


The Wake Transit Performance Tracker is divided into two core components: an interactive project map and a program performance dashboard.  The project map lets visitors explore detailed information about completed, ongoing and future Wake Transit-funded service and infrastructure improvements. The performance dashboard tracks and reports on 18 unique program goals, all of which move us closer to accomplishing the Four Big Moves set out in the Wake Transit Plan. The Four Big Moves are to connect the region, connect all Wake County communities, create frequent and reliable urban mobility and enhance access to transit.


On creating frequent and reliable urban mobility, for example, the Wake Transit Plan set a target for increasing the number of frequent bus service miles from 17 to 99 miles by 2030. Planners measure progress toward reaching this goal by tracking the total number of route miles that operate with 15-minute or less headways during, at a minimum, peak travel times. The dashboard displays our current total number of route miles while also providing the historic data that contributed to that total. 


Community members can access the Tracker and view other Wake Transit information at GoForwardNC.org/Wake.   Questions can be emailed to staff@waketransittracker.com.