Tracking and reporting of Wake Transit program progress information is published in two core locations: in Wake County Transit Plan annual report and within the online Wake Transit Performance Tracker website.


The annual report is published by GoTriangle and is posted in December each year. The report provides a snap-shot of program activities from the previous fiscal year. Copies of previous reports can be viewed in the Wake Transit Archives.


The Wake Transit Performance Tracker (Tracker) is an interactive, online resource where users can view project and program information anytime. CAMPO manages the Tracker and completes at least two updates each year. One in July/August after the adoption of the new annual Work Plan and again in January/February to reflect major project milestones and any adopted project amendments through the first half of the fiscal year.  Click the link below to visit


Since Wake Transit Plan implementation began, it has garnered significant community interest. Staff are regularly asked, where can I view program information?

In response to this interest, CAMPO began development of the Wake Transit Performance Tracker. After a year-long planning and development process, the site was made available as an informational, community resource in the summer of 2021.

Now staff, partners, stakeholders, and community members have the option to view Wake Transit performance information at a single, online location at any time.


There are two documents that form the foundation of the Tracker; the Wake Transit Plan and the annual Wake Transit Work Plan. These documents contribute directly to the two core components of the Tracker.

  • The Interactive Project Map includes information on service and infrastructure projects that have been completed and are underway, are in the study phase, are in the development phases or are scheduled to receive funding in future years.
  • The Program Performance Dashboard is a graphic-driven, program-level progress report showing how the transit investments made to date are contributing to the accomplishment of set Wake Transit Plan and other program goals and objectives.