Who’s Involved?

Wake County, GoTriangle, Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO), City of Raleigh, Town of Cary, Research Triangle Foundation, NC State University and Raleigh-Durham International Airport are partners in planning transit. To read more about the Transit Governance Interlocal Agreement, please click here.

Transit Planning Advisory Committee (TPAC)

What is the TPAC?

Upon adoption of the the Wake County Transit Plan and an associated Interlocal Governance Agreement (ILA) by the CAMPO Executive Board, the GoTriangle Board of Trustees, and the Wake County Board of Commissioners, the Wake County Transit Planning Advisory Committee (TPAC) was created. The ILA made the CAMPO Executive Board and the GoTriangle Board of Trustees responsible for ongoing technical and financial decisions related to plan implementation. The TPAC is a staff-level advisory committee comprised of representatives from agencies and local governments with jurisdiction in Wake County charged with coordinating planning and implementation aspects of the Wake County Transit Plan. The TPAC serves in a structured advisory role to the CAMPO Executive Board and the GoTriangle Board of Trustees. Each year, the TPAC recommends a Wake Transit Annual Work Plan.

There are several ways to keep up with transit happenings:

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Look for the hashtag #waketransit on social media channels throughout the community, particularly accounts maintained by our partner organizations. Find us at twitter.com/waketransit.

All these channels will be updated periodically and will have information about public meetings, surveys and other ways to make your voice heard.

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We are also glad to connect with you directly. Please feel free to give us a call at 919-485-7522 or send an email to info@gotriangle.org.

Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Work Plan

The 2019 Adopted Wake Transit Work Plan allocates the funds expected to be received from July 2018 through June 2019.

Fiscal Year 2018 Annual Work Plan

The 2018 Adopted Wake Transit Work Plan allocates the funds expected to be received from July 2017 through June 2018. This will be the first full year of tax collection.

Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Work Plan

The FY17 budget allocates the funds received from April 2017 through June 2017. Tax collection from the vote in November began April 1, 2017.

Transit Governance Interlocal Agreement

The Transit Governance Interlocal Agreement (ILA) will guide the plan’s planning, funding, expansion and construction and the roles and responsibilities of each agency.

View the complete Transit Governance Interlocal Agreement