• Add peak-period trips on GoTriangle Route DRX (Durham-Raleigh Express) to bring its frequency to once every 15 to 20 minutes during the highest-use portions of the day.
  • Extend Sunday service on core GoTriangle Routes 700 and 800 until 9 p.m.
  • Launch a holiday calendar with GoTriangle service on five additional holidays.
  • Present drafts of GoDurham and GoTriangle short-range transit plans to the public, receive public input and plan to finalize those plans.
  • Continue collaboration among DCHC MPO, Durham city and county staff, GoTriangle and local and regional bodies in Wake County on a major investment study for the commuter rail transit project connecting Wake and Durham counties.
  • Complete and obtain approvals for 31 bus stop designs and construction permits by January 2019 and hire general contractors to start construction of bus stop improvements.
  • Select 50 additional locations for GoDurham bus stop improvements.
  • Install 15 benches at bus stop locations where site plans for improvements are being designed but ridership numbers warrant immediate installation of temporary seating.
  • Added half-hour service Monday to Saturday until 7 p.m. on GoTriangle Routes 700 and 800.
  • Added service on GoTriangle Route DRX (Durham-Raleigh Express) to improve reliability.
  • Continued to use transit plan revenues to expand demand-response and rural trips through Durham County ACCESS to people who lacked transportation and those traveling to mental health facilities.
  • Acquired six GoDurham buses using transit plan funds.
  • Implemented park-and-ride study in Durham County.
  • Acquired two GoTriangle buses with a 10 percent contribution from transit funds.