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One of the most vibrant, colorful, inventive, progressive and fun places to visit in North Carolina, Orange County attracts a wide variety of people. The Orange Transit Plan reflects an opportunity to move forward with transit services and projects that will shape the future of Orange County and the western part of the Triangle.

Triangle Row

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Orange County has several goals for the future of transit:

  • 1


    mobility and transportation options

  • 2


    improved capital facilities

  • 3


    transit supportive land use

  • 4


    positive impacts on air quality

In order to make these goals possible, the plan will:

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    Improve bus service

    • Add new hours of bus service in both urban and rural Orange County
    • Financially support the existing transit system
    • Provide connections to destinations throughout the county, Alamance, Durham and Wake counties
    • Provide 34,000 hours of bus service
  • Light Rail

    Implement light rail service

    The light-rail project is a 17.7-mile line that will provide more than 20,000 trips a day to residents and commuters in Durham and Chapel Hill. The rail project will also:

    • Provide 50,000 hours annually of high-capacity, efficient and reliable rail service between Durham and Chapel Hill
    • Improve mobility in one of the region’s most traveled corridors
    • Accelerate economic growth
    • Encourage transit-oriented development
  • Icon Transportation Green Solid

    Implement bus rapid transit

    A bus rapid transit (BRT) project that provides more efficient and effective transit through the congested core of Chapel Hill, UNC and the UNC Medical Center.

  • Shelter Improvement

    Improve rider experience

    New and improved bus stops with amenities such as benches and shelters. Access improvements such as sidewalks and trails.

  • Icon Rail Green Solid

    Build intercity train station

    A new intercity (Amtrak) train station in Hillsborough, linking northern Orange County to destinations throughout North Carolina and along the East Coast with fast passenger rail.


How are these plans being funded?

0304c Ren Durham Prop Draft 03

There are four dedicated revenue streams called Tax District Revenues used to fund the local share of projects and services. These four dedicated Tax District Revenue streams, collected in both Durham and Orange counties, are:

  • Article 43: Half-Cent Sales and Use Tax
  • Article 50: 5% Vehicle Rental Tax
  • Article 51: $3 increase to GoTriangle Regional Vehicle Registration Fee
  • Article 52: $7 County Vehicle Registration Fee

Many of the projects and services will be funded through a combination of Tax District Revenue and other funds, including farebox revenues, state funds and federal funds, to equitably meet the transportation needs and goals of Durham and Orange counties.